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Please read this Help Page before continuing , and in particular the important warning below on
Indexing of surnames, married surnames, maiden surnames and forenames

Also, the 'Site Search Engine' can NOT be used, to look for ancestor names on tombstone abstracts.
Those details are dynamically generated on request and are therefore not searchable.

The Indices.

In 2005 the MBGRG presented on this site, an 'Ancestor' or MI/Photo Index to the "Forgotten Tombstones of Moray", a subset of information derived from publications of that name, which record buried tombstones, or other memorials to which the general public have limited or no access. As further volumes in this series are published, this index will be updated to include the new material.
Note: Since 2005, some churchyards researched, have only a limited number of 'buried stones', and it has proved more logical to include those in the standard MI booklets, rather than as part of the 'Forgotten Tombstone' publication series. These are clearly included in the database churchyard listings, and in particular such buried stones are identified by alphabetic, rather than numeric, stone reference numbers.

 If you have an interest in a particular stone, you may purchase the published volume to obtain the full transcript. Alternatively the group can supply, full transcripts and copies of drawings, as well as photographs where available. (See Costs, below).

In 2006, the decision was made to also include on this site, a somewhat similar index, but based on data derived from recordings of visible tombstones, by members of the Moray Burial Ground Research Group, and the Moray Branch of the Aberdeen & North East Scotland Family History Society, full transcripts of which are published by the ANESFHS or the MBGRG. As these MI's were, and continue to be recorded, a comprehensive photo database of all the tombstones has been compiled by MBGRG. These photographs can be made available for family research purposes. (See Costs, below).

Searching the Indices.

Help text is available for both of the MI/Photo Indices. In particular, searching via the 'Site Search Engine' for ancestor names is not possible, as clearly stated above.
While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of these Indices, errors can occur, and you are advised to check the full published transcript, the tombstone itself, or to contact the MBGRG for clarification if in doubt.

These Indices are our best 'interpretation' of the full transcript, and as such may be subject to interpretive errors. In particular, female forenames also commonly used as surnames, can be ambiguous where no marital status is cited. For example:
"....  Mary Ann Bruce, daughter of the above William Smith, died on 3rd December, 1953, aged 84..."

This would generally be entered in the Indices as Mary Ann Bruce, n
e Smith (A).
This could be in error, if in fact Bruce was not a forename, but a married name (B).



Maiden Surname


Death Year




Mary Ann Bruce


B Bruce Smith Mary Ann 1953

You should be aware of this problems, and in such cases always consult the full transcript, and/or check other sources of information  

 Due to continuing ongoing research, tombstones may have been found, which were previously recorded as 'lost', and improved techniques may have resulted in text on stones previously recorded as illegible, being subsequently transcribed. The Indices may therefore contain extra and updated details not included in some of the older publications.
Stone numbering is in most cases fully compatible with those on archival index cards held by Moray Heritage Services at Elgin, but occasionally minor numbering variations have been unavoidable.  Please contact us, if you have any difficulty in this respect.

Data sensitivity

The MBGRG has taken the decision to make this data available, only after considerable discussion with other individuals and groups. It is appreciated, that names on some of the more recent stones may include those who erected the stones in their lifetime, and may also include names of currently living relatives. The Group is sensitive to individuals views, and any family member who feels that individual names should be removed from a particular tombstone recorded here, should contact the group directly. The final decision as to whether to remove names, will rest with the MBGRG.

However, before doing so, you may care to consider the following points. Vandalism has always been a problem in our graveyards, but in recent years, this situation has considerably worsened in numerous localities. Many graveyards have been desecrated, with countless numbers of tombstones broken or irreparably damaged. Many stones, examined by Local Councils for stability, under 'Health and Safety Regulations' have had to be knocked down, and many broken in the process. Visitors arriving at a graveyard, to find their ancestors monument damaged or even having been disposed of as irreparable, may gain some solace in finding that it was at least recorded both in text and photographically, and that these records are available.

Recording our heritage NOW, may be the only way to save it for future generations.


It should be emphasised that the MBGRG is a non-profit making, voluntary organisation and the small charges made are purely to assist defray expenses. If you require digital images/data e_mailed to you, it will be less expensive than preparing paper prints with associated postal and packaging charges. No fixed rates have yet been decided, and you should contact Keith Mitchell, MBGRG Group Chairman and Archivist directly, by e_mail (see our 'Contact Us' Page) for individual quotations. As a guide however a full MI transcript, together with a digital image(s) of the relevant monument, would be in the region of 5 to 10 Sterling. Please note that the photographic quality of individual tombstones is liable to be variable depending on individual site conditions. Hard copy can also be provided, but please note that for all transcription or photographic orders confirmation of costs should be requested prior to ordering. Where multiple images are required, please ask us for a cost quotation first.  We would request a Sterling bankers draft for orders originating from out with the UK . 

Additional information:

Full references to the related published Volumes in this series, and links to churchyard location maps, can be found under 'Publications'.  

Should you require further information, or have comments to make on these indices, or individuals included in them, please 'Contact Us' or leave a public or private comment in the Guestbook.

Your feedback is always welcome.

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