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  Mortlach & Cabrach, with Dufftown & Cabrach War Memorials, parishes of Mortlach & Cabrach. 247 pages, 22 colour plates, 9 b/w plans, A5 format. Published March 2023. MBGRG 019

This Monumental Inscription record was carried out during the period 2012 to 2021 at the same time as other burial grounds in Moray were being recorded. Research into Mortlach began in 2012, while that of the Cabrach site was started in 2016.

The numbering system as usual has been co-ordinated with that in use on the Moray Council Libindx website, although many new memorials have been added to the system. These also include the Buried Tombstones recorded within the old part of Mortlach Churchyard.

The MBGRG has published its latest book of monumental inscriptions - Mortlach and Cabrach. See the Sale page for details and prices. Please request a quote for the book to receive the full price including price including postage and packing BEFORE making an order.

We are saddened to share the news of the death of MBGRG co-founder and Chairman Keith Mitchell, FSA Scot.

Keith passed away in April 2024 after a long illness, cared for lovingly by his wife, and co-founder Helen. Keith and Helen were instrumental in the development of the meticulous techniques used by the group, drawing respect and praise from historical organizations for attention to detail and respect for the graves on which we work.

Keith was passionate about documenting the cemeteries of Moray to leave behind a legacy that would benefit family history researchers from around the world. Even in the latter stages of his illness, he still attempted to continue the work as best as he could.

Though he leaves behind a much valued legacy, his leadership will be greatly missed by the group.

We are also saddened to note the death of our Honorary President Charles Burnett of the Heraldry Society who passed away in February 2024. Charles had this role since 2012.

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Would you like to uncover the forgotten, lost or hidden heritage and history of some of Moray's inhabitants who lived and died before the United States of America existed, or even when Scotland was still a Kingdom?

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Our voluntary group was formed in 2003 with the task of surveying every burial ground in Moray, which also includes part of the old county of Banff. This is a monumental task as there are some 140 burial sites, both public and private to be studied!

MBGRG has been a full member of the
Scottish Association of Family History Societies, and we work in consultation with Historic Scotland and Moray Council

The published results of our research should benefit genealogists, family, local and social historians, as well as archaeologists, and other disciplines. The Group has received financial support from various sources, including grants from the National Lottery "Awards for All" scheme and Moray Council.

A great deal of our work is carried on behind the scenes, including historical research in various archival centres, but most of our recording work takes place in churchyards and cemeteries. We plot every tombstone onto a site plan, accurately record the full inscription, and take photographic records (and scale drawings where necessary). These are taken for accuracy checks, as well as archival and illustration purposes.

Using specific MBGRG methodology, we also search for buried tombstones up to approximately 15 cms below the grass surface. After full recording, these stones are then covered up again for safety and preservation purposes.

For a list of all sites we have researched or are researching, see 'Research Progress', or the Burial Ground Research Status Map .

Help us to create a new awareness of generations long departed.

We hope you enjoy browsing or searching our Web Site.

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