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MBGRG Annual Report 2018-2019 (pdf file - 1261 Kb)
MBGRG Annual Report 2017-2018 (pdf file - 1804 Kb)
MBGRG Annual Report 2016-2017 (pdf file - 1084 Kb)
MBGRG Annual Report 2015-2016 (pdf file - 1820 Kb)
MBGRG Annual Report 2014-2015 (pdf file - 1344 Kb)
Northern Scot, Press Article (23 January 2015) 'Heritage Services impress in Australia'
Hearty congratulations to Helen Mitchell, who was presented with a Scottish Civic Trust, 'Highly Commended' certificate in the  2014 award ceremony in Glasgow on 27th March
MBGRG Annual Report 2013-2014  (pdf file - 1753 Kb)
MBGRG Annual Report 2012-2013  (pdf file - 1210 Kb)
'Family Tree' magazine, (Issue, September 2011)
Article by member Mary Evans, detailing the work of the Moray Burial Ground Research Group, with particular emphasis on finding, and recording buried tombstone in the Graveyards of Moray.
MBGRG Annual Report 2011-2012  (pdf file - 1065 Kb)
MBGRG Annual Report 2010-2011  (pdf file - 489 Kb)
Press and Journal Press Reports - no longer on-line
Coats of arms on graves aid family history hunt

Read more:
Coats of arms on graves aid family history hunt

Read more:
Coats of arms on graves aid family history hunt

Read more:

Coats of arms on graves aid family history hunt.

Publication of Monumental Inscriptions at  Dallas Churchyard
Work starts recording Monumental Inscriptions at Elgin Cathedral
MBGRG Annual Report 2009-2010.  (pdf file - 666 Kb)
Press Report from The Knock News, Issue 31, September 2009  (pdf file - 6.5M)
Forgotten Tombstones of Moray - Who said that Churchyards are boring?!
(Presented with the permission of the Editor/Publisher, Mr David Gordon)
MBGRG Annual Report 2008-2009.  (pdf file - 353 Kb)
Report on SAFHS Council Meeting, Edinburgh, October 2008 (pdf file - 101Kb)

Report by Bruce Bishop, SAFHS Deputy Chairman, with input by MBGRG Delegates, Keith & Helen Mitchell

MBGRG Annual Report 2007-2008.  (pdf file - 498 Kb)
BBC History Magazine - Mysterious Memorials Competiton
Report on the MBGRG submissions to this competition, results, and subsequent press report in the Press and Journal.
Methodology for Recording 're-cycled' Tombstones - MBGRG (pdf file - 86Kb)
While working at Elgin Cathedral, it was discovered that some table-stones had apparently been 're-cycled', and previously never recorded inscriptions were to be found on the undersides of those stones.  This interesting find has already been described in more detail in the MBGRG Annual Report 2006-2007.
This brief report describes procedures recommended by the MBGRG, for recording such inscriptions, using mirrors, and image inversion software, and highlights important safety aspects of the procedure.
St Andrews in Focus - Press report on MBGRG. (pdf file - 220Kb)
Reproduced with the permission of the Editor -
MBGRG Annual Report 2006-2007. pdf file - 796 Kb
Recording Buried Tombstones - MBGRG and CSA Publication , April 2006.
The Moray Burial Ground Research Group have developed a methodology to locate and record buried tombstones in a way that is sensitive to conservation and heritage management issues. The Council for Scottish Archaeology's Carved Stones Advisor Project is delighted to support the MBGRG in sharing their expertise with others by publishing this booklet. pdf File - 1.2 Mb
MBGRG to start MI recording at Elgin Cathedral
The Buried Tombstones of Moray and the Work of the MBGRG
MBGRG - Schematic Diagram of procedures

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